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11 Interesting facts about dolphins

Dolphins are amazing animals that you can see with your own eyes when you come on holiday to Egypt. In fact, on every sea cruise there is a chance that you will be able to see dolphins from the ship. People who really want to have contact with dolphins should choose a trip to the […]

Internet in Egypt for tourists

Most of us traveling to Egypt would like to have an internet connection during the holidays. Unforunately the hotel’s wifi even when it is mentioned in the offer usually works pretty bad. It is limited to lobby area and the speed is terrible. That’s why more tourists decide to buy a sim card to have […]

What currency should I take to Egypt?

The most popular currencies for tourists in Egypt are US dollars and euros. Both of these currencies can be used to pay for visa, trips and shopping in all the shops for tourists. Many places accept British Pounds as well. What you have to remember when you take one of those currencies with you for […]

Tips in Egypt (baksheesh) – Egypt Tipping Guide

Is it worth tipping in Egypt? How much and to whom should you give? What is baksheesh? Read our post and find out the answers to these questions First of all, it is worth remembering that no one has the right to force you to tip. However, it is worth knowing that both Europeans and […]

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