How to book a trip?
To book a trip with Nile Pharaoh Travel you can feel the form in the website or contact us by WhatsApp on +201143607080. For all the trips booking we will need a hotel, room number, and number of adults, children and infants who are interested in the trip.
Why do we need your room number to make a booking?
Room number is required for few reasons. 1. The tourist police need the room number of the tourist who are booking the trip when they sign the permission for the trip to take place. 2. The driver who will pick you up from the hotel will give you the room number to confirm that it is the correct car.
Is it safe to go for the trip with Nile Pharaoh Travel?
Of course! Nile Pharaoh Travel is a registered travel company. All our trips are made with permissions required by Egyptian tourist police.