The Hurghada Fish Market is located in the center of Hurghada, between the New Marina (Hurghada’s new port) and the El Mina Mosque. Right next to the market is the port from which fishing boats depart. Opposite the entrance to the market is one of the best fish restaurants in Hurghada – El Halaka Fish. However, if you like the local atmosphere of the fish market you can eat freshly prepared fish and seafood on the spot. Half a kilogram of grilled shrimp costs $5. Waiting time – about 15 minutes.

The fish market is small compared to the vegetable and fruit market on Dahar, but you can feel the local atmosphere there. In addition to fish of various shapes, colors and sizes, and seafood, we can also see a little of Egyptian everyday life here. It is the Egyptians living in Hurghada who do their shopping here.