Marsa Alam is known for amazing coral reefs. Most of the tourists come to Marsa Alam for snorkeling and diving. Where should you go for best underwater experience?

Most popular snorkeling trips in Marsa Alam

There are four most popular snorkeling trips in Marsa Alam. Every one of them have something that make it stand out.

1. Sataya for dolphins

Sataya is a reef at the south of Egypt known as dolphin house. Almost every day you can meet the incredible amount of dolphins there.

2. Hamata – Qulaan Islands for beautiful view

Hamata (Qulaan Islands) are also described as Egyptian Maldives. The wonderful turquoise water surrounding the white sand of the island create an unforgettable impression.

3. Abu Dabbab for turtle

Abu Dabbab is a bay located next to the Hilton Nubian and Malikia hotels. The middle of the bay is covered with sea grass that make this place a home for many turtles. Abu Dabbab has also a beautiful, colorful coral reef. The snorkeling here is from the shore.

4. Marsa Mubarak for sea cow

Marsa Mubarak is also a bay. Located in front of Iberotel Costa Mares. The chances to see the sea cow on the trip are the highest on this trip.

Hotel house reef

Many hotels in Marsa Alam have a wonderful house reef that can be accessed from the beach or the marina. For example Wadi Lahmy el Azur, Gorgonia, Shams Alam, Utopia, Hilton Nubian. But some of those hotels are not located in the bay, so with strong wind it might be forbidden to enter the sea and snorkel around the corals.