Dolphins are amazing animals that you can see with your own eyes when you come on holiday to Egypt. In fact, on every sea cruise there is a chance that you will be able to see dolphins from the ship. People who really want to have contact with dolphins should choose a trip to the Dolphin House. On this cruise you can see dolphins almost every time. Today we have for you answers to the most frequently asked questions and a handful of interesting facts about dolphins

1. Are dolphins fish?

Surprisingly, this is one of the most frequently asked questions. So at the very beginning it is worth clarifying that no, dolphins are not fish. Dolphins are mammals.

2. How do dolphins breathe?

Dolphins don’t breathe underwater. They have to surface to get air.

3. How do dolphins sleep?

Due to the fact that dolphins do not breathe underwater and must surface to catch their breath, only half of their brain sleeps. While sleeping, they swim in shallow waters, often in lagoons. Interestingly, if the right hemisphere is asleep, the dolphin’s right eye will be closed and the left eye will be open.

4. What Do Dolphins Eat?

Dolphins eat fish, shellfish and squid. They have 100 teeth, but still swallow their prey whole, without biting. Their teeth are only for fishing. A dolphin that weighs about 130 kilograms eats about 16 kilograms of fish in a day.

5. Dolphin senses

Dolphins have very good eyesight both in and out of the water. They can hear frequencies 10 times higher than humans. They have the ability to emit ultrasounds and use echolocation. Their sense of touch is well developed, but they have no sense of smell.

6. Do dolphins enjoy company?

Very. Dolphins are herd animals. They live in large groups. They hunt and play together. When part of the herd sleeps, there are always a few dolphins “on watch” to watch out for predators. Large groups of dolphins may have a thousand or more members.

7. How do dolphins communicate?

Both verbally and non-verbally. Through the movements of the tail, the way they swim, they have a rich language consisting of special high-frequency clicks and whistles. Interestingly, each dolphin has a corresponding sound, a dolphin name that they respond to.

8. What does dolphin motherhood look like?

A dolphin’s pregnancy lasts from 9 to 17 months depending on the species. After giving birth, the mothers take care of the baby dolphins for about 2 years. Little dolphins, as befits mammals, drink their mother’s milk. When swimming with dolphins in Hurghada, we often see baby dolphins swimming with their mothers.

9. How many species of dolphins are there?

There are almost 40 species of dolphins worldwide. There are 8 species in the Red Sea alone. Interestingly, 5 species live in rivers. In the Baltic Sea there are relatives of dolphins – porpoises, but from time to time dolphins also come there, causing great interest of tourists and the media.

10. How long do dolphins live?

The lifespan of a dolphin depends on the species, but on average it is 20 years

11. Sharks are afraid of dolphins (sic!)

Dolphins are much smarter, more agile, move in very large herds and have an incredibly powerful stroke. It happened that dolphins saved people from shark attacks.

And with this optimistic accent we will end, to prepare a post about sharks next time. In the ranking for the “animal you would like to meet in Hurghada”, dolphins definitely win, and sharks take last place. I don’t understand why most tourists wouldn’t want to meet a shark. As you will see in the next post, the shark is not as scary as it is painted. Especially the shark in Hurghada.