Most of us traveling to Egypt would like to have an internet connection during the holidays. Unforunately the hotel’s wifi even when it is mentioned in the offer usually works pretty bad. It is limited to lobby area and the speed is terrible. That’s why more tourists decide to buy a sim card to have stable internet.

Where you can buy a sim card in Egypt

Sim cards are sold in many places. The best option is to buy it from the official shop like We, Vodafone, Orange or Etisalat.

To buy a sim card in the official shop you must have your passport with you.

Many normal shops offers the cards that are already registered so you don’t need to show your passport to buy them, but the price of those sim card is higher than normally.

Even in most of the airports in Egypt you can buy a sim card with the internet. Unfortunately sometimes tourists complain that they  pay in the airport for more Gb than they get.

Which tourist sim is best in Egypt?

Well it is difficult to tell. The highest coverage have We and Vodafone. But Orange and Etisalat are not bad as well, and usually much cheaper.